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terms of business

These Terms of Business shall govern every Order and shall form part of the Contract between us.

All furniture is made to order. Customers will receive fabric swatches and will "sign off" when they accept them. Only Orders made on our Order Confirmation form will be accepted. This ensures that both parties have a written copy of the Order with corresponding fabric swatches.

Payment Terms:
Pricing and payment are in US dollars. A 50 percent deposit will be required with the Order. The balance, plus tax and shipping costs, must be paid prior to shipment.

Taxes, Import Taxes:
Prices on the website are exclusive of tax. Appropriate sales tax will be applied to residents of Connecticut. * If importing our furniture from the USA you will be responsible for payment of any taxes and duties required by the country to which you are importing.

As furniture is made to order, cancellation of your Order will incur a charge of 50 percent. In other words, you will forfeit your deposit. Cancellations cannot be accepted after shipment.

Our furniture comes with a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and material, providing it has been put to normal use only. The furniture is not designed to be stood upon, jumped on, to rest feet upon, and the like. Normal wear and tear and damage by sunlight are expressly excluded from warranty.

Bius retains copyright in our products and in the content and design of this website.

Except for existing Orders, these Terms of Business may be amended at any time, without further notice.

Liability and Force Majeure:
If we are affected by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we will immediately notify you of its nature and extent. We will not be liable to you for delay in performance of any of our obligations under these Terms of Business when due to any Force Majeure of which we have notified you. The date of projected delivery will be extended accordingly. In the event of a circumstance that requires our cancellation of the Order, we shall only be obligated to return your deposit.

Heaven Forbid:
We will not be responsible for any claims, actions, or causes of action that might arise because of bodily injury or damage to property, or which third parties may suffer as a result of fabrication of our design, except when the injury or damage is caused directly by our gross negligence. If we have a dispute, every effort will be made to resolve it amicably; however, if we cannot, and resort to litigation or arbitration, the prevailing party in such a proceeding is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and costs. May it never come to that!

Choice of Law:
These Terms of Business shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut.

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